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Manaresi, Mauro
Wine and Interculturality
Judaism, Christianity and Islam, 2011
pp. 104, ISBN 978-88-8063-677-9    € 15.00

The world has grown smaller. The “global village” which has come into being brings with it increased interconnectedness between individuals, and intensified cultural exchanges. A correct process of globalisation must not lead to the cancellation of all differences, because this would mean the end of mankind as a cultural being; it should rather prepare us to consider the contribution which each culture, each tradition, has given and will continue to give to humanity. Meeting different cultures means that we must re-define our own cultural boundaries and compare our own culture with others. We must direct our efforts to following the path of dialogue, avoiding ugly confrontations. This will inevitably mean re-defining the strategy and significance of intercultural dialogue. The vine is a plant found all over the world, and wine, through trade, has reached every part of the globe. And wherever it is found, wine has transcended its status as simply something to drink and has become a cultural element rich in symbolic significance. I therefore felt that I could make use of it as a basis for examining cultures different from our own.