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AUTORI: Kaneff, Deema

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Democratization in post-communist transitions processes in the 1990s
Lights ans shadows, 2006
a cura di Anna Krasteva - Francesco Privitera
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 27
pp. 192, ISBN 9788880635321    € 25.00

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Preface by F. Privitera - A. Krasteva, The post-Communist Political Conflict - R.M. Rizman, Towards Democratic Consolidation (The case of Slovenia) - A. Seidlová and M. Vyšín, New Czech Political Elite - M. Ewa Kaminska, The Reform of the Public Administration in Poland: Devolution and self-Government - C. Beciu, Transition and Social Conflict in Romania - I. Munteanu, Reforms against the Disintegration of the State in Moldova - Z. Seizoviæ, Human Rights Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the light of its Constitutional Reform - D. Janjiæ, Overdue Serbia - D. Kaneff, Global Policies, Local Solutions: the Value of Local Studies

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