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Europe and the Balkans International Network

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Regional cooperation, peace enforcement, and the role of the traties in the Balkans, 2007
a cura di Stefano Bianchini - Joseph Marko - Robert Craig Nation - Milica Uvalic
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 28
pp. 288, ISBN 978-88-8063-542-0    € 25.00

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S. Bianchini, Introduction. The Balkans, reform of the treaties, and European integration: the challenges of stabilization not yet achieved. PART ONE - In view of Balkan Stabilization: new Challenges and Lessons Learned - V. Pešic, The Principles of International Law in the Peace Treaties and Agreements of the Yugoslav Wars: Their Relevance to the Search for Stability in the Region - M. Labus, The Role of the Treaties in the Balkans: “The Fifth Treaty” - B.Vankovska, The Role of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Peace Process in Macedonia. PART TWO - Reshaping Statehood: Constitutional Reforms and Political Implications in the perspective of the EU Integration: J. Marko, Constitutions and Good Governance: Challenges for Post-Conflict Reconstruction and EU-Integration - Z. Pajic, Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Statehood Crossroads - M. Pajvancic, The New Constitution of Serbia and the Autonomy of Vojvodina: a Comparative Analysis of the Constitution of Serbia - E. Hoxhaj, The Politics of Partition in Kosovo: Ethnicity, Territoriality, and Nation-building - F. Privitera, Europe and the Balkans: A Mirror Image - M. Uvalic, Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Europe: Challenges for Regional Cooperation. PART THREE - Building a Sustainable Economy in the Regional Context: W. Bartlett, Regional Cooperation and Regional Divergence: the Inequalising Effects of Free Trade Agreements in the Western Balkans - M. Ferrazzi, Trade and Foreign Direct Investments in the Western Balkans: the Role of Italy. PART FOUR - The Regional Security Enforcement and its International Players - R.C. Nation, Security in Balkan Europe: Premises and Prospects - D. Janjic, Kosovo: Security Risks - E.J. Kirchner and M. Hanusch, The EU as a Security Actor: The Case of Bosnia - Appendix.

More than ten years after the conclusion of the Dayton Accords, the treaty regimes pieced together by the international community to sustain a fragile peace in the Balkans after the disintegration of former Yugoslavia have begun to fray, but no comprehensive program for a new regional order has been crafted to replace them. This timely study evaluates the state of post-conflict peace building efforts in Southeastern Europe and highlights the need to look beyond existing legal frameworks if peaceful reconstruction in the Balkan region is to be sustained. Drawn from the proceedings of a major international conference, the essays assembled here represent the perspectives of both policymakers and academic scholars, and include a broad and representative sampling of perspectives from within the region itself. The Balkans is entering a new phase of post-conflict development where old solutions and inherited structures are losing their relevance. This study seeks to define positive alternatives within a broad-based regional framework. It should be essential reading for all those interested in the future of Europe and the southeastern European area.