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Europe and the Balkans International Network

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A European Space of Justice, 2006
a cura di Justin Orlando Frosini - Michele Angelo Lupoi - Michele Marchesiello
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 26
pp. 344, ISBN 88-8063-494-1    € 25.00

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Foreword by M. Marchesiello - S. Bjeković, Harmonization of the Legal System of Montenegro and EU Law - N. Prokopenko (updated by I. Damjanovski), The Approximation of the Macedonian Legal System to the Acquis Communautaire - D. Mutapčić, The Harmonisation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Legal System with the Acquis Communautaire - R. Dragićević-Dičić, The Main Innovations in the New "Yugoslav" Law on Criminal Proceedings - A. Uzelac, The Rule of Law and the Croatian Judicial System: Court Delays as a Barrier on the Road to European Accession - J. Lozano Miralles, Judges and Prosecutors: One Magistracy for Two Different Tasks - G. Ruiz-Rico, How Judges Promote and Guarantee their Independence and their Autonomy: Superior Councils of the Magistrature and Judges’ Associations - G. Di Paolo, Is a European Culture of the “Legal Process” Really Developing? - M.A. Lupoi, The Harmonization of Civil Procedural Law within the EU - P. Massidda, International Criminal Courts and their Impact on National Jurisdictions - I. Josipović, The Implementation of International Criminal Law in the National Legal System and the Liability for War Crimes (the Case of the Republic of Croatia).