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Europe and the Balkans International Network

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The Borders of the Polity
Migrations and security across the EU and the Balkans, 2005
a cura di Luisa Chiodi
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 24
pp. 256, ISBN 88-8063-478-X    € 25.00

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Preface by Stefano Bianchini - Luisa Chiodi, Intoduction. Part One. Displacement and Change: Federica Baroncini and Fabio Zuccheri, Split: a Catalyst or a Crossroads for Immigration? -Lino Zonzini, Albanian Migrations in Albania and Migration Eventsof Albanians -Anna Krasteva, The Chinese in Bulgaria. Part Two. Security and Inclusion: Tatjana Sekuliæ, Forced Migration and Perception of Borders: War-migrant Associations as a Resource for Integration- Melita Richter, The Other of Trieste -Zoran Lapov, The Former-Yugoslav Roma in Italy: a Struggle for Socio-Cultural Participation or for Survival? - Fabio Salomoni, Balkan Migrations to Modern Turkey: Continuity and Change. PART THREE.Transnational Dynamics and Participation: Luisa Chiodi and Rando Devole, Albanian Migrants in Italy and the Struggle for Recognition in the Transnational Public Sphere - Thanos Maroukis, Albanian Migrants in Athens and the Emergence of a Transborder Public Sphere - Cornel Ban, Mapping Out Spaces and Relations of Transnationalism: The Case of Romanian Immigration in Italy.