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Europe and the Balkans International Network

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Facing the past, facing the future
Confronting ethnicity and conflict in Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, 2005
a cura di Florian Bieber - Carsten Wieland
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 23
pp. 176, ISBN 88-8063-464-X    € 25.00

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C. Wieland, Introduction - C. Wieland, Demolishing the myth of homogeneous "ethnic" blocks. Bosnia in comparative perspective. part one - facing the past: S. Šelo Šabic, Post-War State Building: Germany in 1945 and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995 - B. Bijelic, Balkans, Stereotypes, Violence and Responsibility - E.D. Gordy, What does it mean to break with the past? part two - ethnic conflict from a distance - a misunderstanding?: C. O’Sullivan, Observations on the U.S. News Media and the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict: its Influence on Public Opinion and the Process of Peace-Building - M. Vandiver, Teaching Students in the United States about Genocide in Bosnia: Challenges and Possiblitie. part three - facing the future: D. Chandler, Undermining Politics: The International Fight against Corruption in Bosnia-Herzegovina - F. Bieber, Power Sharing, Political Representation and Group Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.