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AUTORI: Caccamo, Francesco

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Self-determination and sovereignity in Europe
From historical legacies to the EU external role, 2013
a cura di Stefano Bianchini
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 35
pp. 288, ISBN 978-88-8063-760-8    € 25.00

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Stefano Bianchini, Self-determination and Sovereignty. European Historical Legacies and Challenges for the Future – An Introduction - PART ONE: The Historical Legacies. Self-Determination and Sovereignty in the 20th Century Perspective: Giuseppe Motta, After Versailles. Territorializing Minority Policies in Central-Eastern Europe - Sara Barbieri, Questioning Versailles: National-Cultural Autonomy in the Post-revolutionary Siberian Context - Elena Dundovich, Building Soviet Federalism and Managing Differences. The Bolshevik Approach to the Rights of Peoples. 1917-1936 - Francesco Caccamo, Managing National Differences in Eastern Europe. Czechoslovak Federalism and its Crisis after 1989. PART TWO - After the Cold War. The European Integration as a new Political Subject: Self-Determination and Sovereignty Reframed: Laura Scichilone, The EEC/EU and Nuclear Safety in Central and Eastern Europe. The Case of Bulgaria: Sovereignty Claims versus European Aspirations - Laura Grazi, Local and Regional Autonomy in the EU Eastern Partnership. Eroding Sovereignty via Sub-national Actors in the EU Neighboring Countries - Federica Di Sarcina, European Gender Equality Policy in the Western Balkans and the challenges of EU political conditionality - PART THREE - Reframing Sovereignty and Managing: Diversities Outside the EU: Leonas Tolvaišis, Kosovo, Vojvodina, and the Demonstration Effect on Serbia's Regionalization - Giorgio Comai, Sovereignty Conflicts and Minority Protection: the Case of Abkhazia - Sara Barbieri, National-cultural Autonomies in Contemporary Russia. Insight into the Tomsk Oblast. PART FOUR - Fostering Inclusiveness: Enlargement Strategies and External Constraints: Ariane Landuyt, Before the Great Enlargement: European Institutions and Minorities in Yugoslavia - Giuliana Laschi, An Enlarged Europe, two Europes or East and West? The EC/EU from Domestic Agent to International Actor of Cooperation - Alessandra Bitumi, Transatlantic Relations "beyond the Curtain": Eastern Europe between the United States and the European Union - Stefano Bianchini, Reassessing Self-determination. European integration and Nation-state Independence facing the Challenges of post-Socialist Europe.

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