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AUTORI: Lani, Remzi

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Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives
Adjusting regional policies of ethnicity and borders, 2011
a cura di Ylber Hysa - Dušan Janjic
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 33
pp. 248, ISBN 978-88-8063-674-8    € 20.00

Ylber Hysa, Kosovo and its Neighbours Following Independence: an Easy Landing with Passengers still on Board – Dušan Janjić, The Status of Kosovo - Leonas Tolvaišis, The ‘New Reality’ seen from the Enclave: the Kosovo Serbs' Experience - Florian Bieber and Soeren Keil, The Bosnian Crisis and the Independence of Kosovo - Remzi Lani, The Role of Albania in the Balkans in the Wake of Kosovo's Independence: Continuity and Change - Biljana Vankovska, Macedonia in a Limbo: Between Regional (In)stability and Euro-integration - Adam Balcer, Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia Case Studies – Similarities and Differences - George Andreopoulos, What Next for Self-determination? Kosovo’s Quest for Independence and the ICJ Opinion - Adam Balcer, EULEX and the Kosovo Gordian Knot - Craig R. Nation, The U.S. and the Stabilization of the Adriatic-Black Sea Corridor - Konstantin Khudoley, Russia's Interests and Concerns over the Balkans.

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