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The Power of Words
Literature and Society in Late Modernity, 2005
a cura di Mauro Buccheri - Elio Costa - Donald Holoch
Il Portico n. 135
pp. 308, ISBN 88-8063-454-2    € 20.00

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M. Buccheri, E. Costa, D. Holoch, Introduction; U. Eco, Books, Texts and Hypertexts; J. O'Neill, The Word's Millennial Power; L. Doležel, The Powers of Words: Literature, Cognition and Practical Life; R. Capozzi, Hypertextuality and Cognitive Experiences in the Labyrinths of Words and Images; M. Buccheri, The Return of Orpheus, or the Persistence of Literature and Myth; E. Morera, Literature. History, and Philosophy: Some Reflections on Gramsci's Quaderni del carcere; D. McNally, Language, the Market and the University: Bakhtin, Benjamin and the Intellectual in Late Capitalism; R. Dombroski, Marxism, Literature and the Curriculum; R.L. Fisher, Narrative, Human Nature and Post-Modernism; R. Walcott, Desiring to Belong? The Politics of Texts and their Politics of Nation; S.M. Gilardino, Smaller Languages, Greater Identities: The Power of Words in Québec; K. Ellis, Power without Responsibility: The Function of Words in Augusto Roa Bastos's Yo El Supremo; Z. Ellis, From the Depth of Commitment to the Shallows of Despair: The Career and Identities of René Depestre; A. Sekyi-Otu, Enigmas of the World, Proverbs of the Human Condition: Revisiting Some Postcolonial African Novels; D. Holoch, Literature and Dystopia: Narrative and the State in China.