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AUTORI: Janjic, Dušan

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Ethnic conflicts management
The case of Yugoslavia, 1997
a cura di Dušan Janjic
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 5
pp. 200, ISBN 88-8063-146-2    € 20.00
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Democratization in post-communist transitions processes in the 1990s
Lights ans shadows, 2006
a cura di Anna Krasteva - Francesco Privitera
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 27
pp. 192, ISBN 9788880635321    € 25.00

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Preface by F. Privitera - A. Krasteva, The post-Communist Political Conflict - R.M. Rizman, Towards Democratic Consolidation (The case of Slovenia) - A. Seidlová and M. Vyšín, New Czech Political Elite - M. Ewa Kaminska, The Reform of the Public Administration in Poland: Devolution and self-Government - C. Beciu, Transition and Social Conflict in Romania - I. Munteanu, Reforms against the Disintegration of the State in Moldova - Z. Seizović, Human Rights Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the light of its Constitutional Reform - D. Janjić, Overdue Serbia - D. Kaneff, Global Policies, Local Solutions: the Value of Local Studies

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L002228 aggiungi al carrello
Regional cooperation, peace enforcement, and the role of the traties in the Balkans, 2007
a cura di Stefano Bianchini - Joseph Marko - Robert Craig Nation - Milica Uvalic
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 28
pp. 288, ISBN 978-88-8063-542-0    € 25.00

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S. Bianchini, Introduction. The Balkans, reform of the treaties, and European integration: the challenges of stabilization not yet achieved. PART ONE - In view of Balkan Stabilization: new Challenges and Lessons Learned - V. Pešic, The Principles of International Law in the Peace Treaties and Agreements of the Yugoslav Wars: Their Relevance to the Search for Stability in the Region - M. Labus, The Role of the Treaties in the Balkans: “The Fifth Treaty” - B.Vankovska, The Role of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Peace Process in Macedonia. PART TWO - Reshaping Statehood: Constitutional Reforms and Political Implications in the perspective of the EU Integration: J. Marko, Constitutions and Good Governance: Challenges for Post-Conflict Reconstruction and EU-Integration - Z. Pajic, Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Statehood Crossroads - M. Pajvancic, The New Constitution of Serbia and the Autonomy of Vojvodina: a Comparative Analysis of the Constitution of Serbia - E. Hoxhaj, The Politics of Partition in Kosovo: Ethnicity, Territoriality, and Nation-building - F. Privitera, Europe and the Balkans: A Mirror Image - M. Uvalic, Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Europe: Challenges for Regional Cooperation. PART THREE - Building a Sustainable Economy in the Regional Context: W. Bartlett, Regional Cooperation and Regional Divergence: the Inequalising Effects of Free Trade Agreements in the Western Balkans - M. Ferrazzi, Trade and Foreign Direct Investments in the Western Balkans: the Role of Italy. PART FOUR - The Regional Security Enforcement and its International Players - R.C. Nation, Security in Balkan Europe: Premises and Prospects - D. Janjic, Kosovo: Security Risks - E.J. Kirchner and M. Hanusch, The EU as a Security Actor: The Case of Bosnia - Appendix.

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L002233 aggiungi al carrello
Kosovo: independence, status, perspectives
Adjusting regional policies of ethnicity and borders, 2011
a cura di Ylber Hysa - Dušan Janjic
Europe and the Balkans International Network n. 33
pp. 248, ISBN 978-88-8063-674-8    € 20.00

Ylber Hysa, Kosovo and its Neighbours Following Independence: an Easy Landing with Passengers still on Board – Dušan Janjić, The Status of Kosovo - Leonas Tolvaišis, The ‘New Reality’ seen from the Enclave: the Kosovo Serbs' Experience - Florian Bieber and Soeren Keil, The Bosnian Crisis and the Independence of Kosovo - Remzi Lani, The Role of Albania in the Balkans in the Wake of Kosovo's Independence: Continuity and Change - Biljana Vankovska, Macedonia in a Limbo: Between Regional (In)stability and Euro-integration - Adam Balcer, Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia Case Studies – Similarities and Differences - George Andreopoulos, What Next for Self-determination? Kosovo’s Quest for Independence and the ICJ Opinion - Adam Balcer, EULEX and the Kosovo Gordian Knot - Craig R. Nation, The U.S. and the Stabilization of the Adriatic-Black Sea Corridor - Konstantin Khudoley, Russia's Interests and Concerns over the Balkans.

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